The Knowledge Exchange Platform

This joint initiative is helping energy-intensive industries in India cut energy use by exchanging best practice information.

The Knowledge Exchange Platform is a joint initiative between IIP and India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Its key focus is to accelerate the uptake of industrial energy efficiency in India’s most energy-intensive sectors, including textiles, chlor and alkali, aluminium, thermal power plants, pulp and paper, iron and steel, fertilizer, cement, refinery, railways and DISCOMs.

The objective of KEP is to:

• Encourage peer to peer learning and facilitate exchange of knowledge and information within a particular industry sector to help the lagging industrial units improve the efficiency of theiroperations and narrow down the SEC bandwidth in the sector.
• Facilitate exchange of energy management best practices across sectors in common areas like utilities, where there is a high possibility of replication.
• Facilitate sharing of information/capacity building on upcoming approaches to energy management and to new and innovative technological choices for promoting energy e ciency available at the international level.
• Create a vibrant platform for industry & BEE interface not only for smoother implementation of PAT but also for policy discussion to aid sustained actions on industrial energy management.

It is designed to bring together these sectors to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information about energy efficiency best practices and help lagging industrial units improve the efficiency of their operations.

This work is executed through the KEP website and through numerous events and workshops in India. For more information about KEP, the resources available to industry in India, or upcoming events, please visit the KEP website: