China Technical Association of Paper Industry (CTAPI)

The China Technical Association of Paper Industry (CTAPI) is China’s largest state-owned agency serving China’s paper industry. CTAPI functions under the supervision of the China Association of Science and Technology (CAST) and the China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC). CTAPI is still the main organization supporting China’s paper industry.

CTAPI has 5 standing committees and 14 technical commissions. CTAPI has 18,000 members around China. Its activities cover almost every area of the modern paper industry in China. Internationally, CTAPI is active at various academic events and has good contacts with renowned world-level research institutes (CTAPI, 2011a).

CTAPI publishes “World pulp and paper”, a bi-monthly magazine. The magazine discusses equipment, chemicals, R&D developments, plantations and the latest developments in the pulp and paper industry. “Paper and paper making” is a bi-monthly, Chinese magazine published by CTAPI. The magazine focuses on pulp and paper technology, new discoveries and achievements from paper research, advance technologies and competitive products. “Transactions of China pulp and paper” is a publication co-compiled by CTAPI and the China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute. This focuses on raw materials, pulping mechanisms, effluent treatment and environmental protection (CTAPI, 2011b).

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