Core Motor System Components

In addition to the electrical motor itself, core components of an electrical motor driven system includes the driven mechanical equipment like fans, pumps, and compressors; the necessary interconnection like coupling, clutch, gear, transmission belt, and; a control systems, like variable‐speed drives (VSD) between the grid and the motor to control torque and speed.

Core Motor System ComponentsTechnologies & Measures

Technology or MeasureEnergy Savings PotentialCO2 Emission Reduction Potential Based on LiteratureCostsDevelopment Status
Variable Frequency DrivesReducing the motor speed from 100% to 80% with the use of VSDs can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% (Carbon Trust, 2011., p. 5)Commercial
Soft Starters
High-Efficiency Belt DrivesCoupling efficiency can be increased by around 10% with the use of Synchronous/flat/ribbed belts. Commercial
Efficient Gears and Gear Avoidance

Efficiency gains reach up to 30%