Using the database

User guidance

If you are looking for something specific:

If you are looking for a specific technology or resource, the following may offer good starting points: 

a) Type your search query in the "quick technology search" window in the upper right corner of the page, and select the sector/system for which the search should be performed. 

b) Use Advanced Search option, where you will be able to target your search by specifying its attributes with the help of the options provided. 


To browse the database:

1. Pick a sector or a cross-sectoral system, either by clicking the picture depicting it on the home page, or from the pull-down menu at the top of every page.

2. Once on the sector/cross-sectoral system page, use the process flow diagram or the links underneath the diagram to navigate either to processes covered for this sector/system, or directly to some of the selected technologies/measures applicable to that sector/system. Note that a description of the process and a wider list of technologies are available on process pages. 

3. On the technology/measure pages, you will find a short description of the technology/measure along with available energy saving, CO2 reduction, and implementation cost information. A range of resources relevant to that particular technology/measure will be listed in the lower parts of the page. 

While you are on the main page of the sector you can also use the tabs to access information about benchmarks, key data, organizations and programs, and energy management system information applicable to that sector/system.