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The A2A (Assessment to Action) Toolkit is a free suite of resources for ammonia companies. It covers energy management and technology best practices. The A2A Toolkit provides a first-order, high-level assessment to identify and prioritize energy efficiency opportunities. It provides assessment modules on technical best practices, management best practices (based on the ISO 50001 standard) and productivity improvements.

Once a company completes the Excel-based modules, a report card is generated that prioritizes energy-saving opportunities according to the difficulty and cost of implementation. This allows the company to then create an Energy Management Action Plan based on the results.

The A2A Toolkit was developed by the Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP) in partnership with ICF Marbek, members of the International Fertilizer Association and energy experts in China.

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Download the A2A Toolkit (zip file), the User Guide and the brochure in the Resources section below or download our video training guides (first read the training guide). All tools are free to use.