Advanced Dryer Controls

Control systems that optimize process variables offer an effective way of reducing energy consumption, increasing productivity, and improve the quality of industrial processes. They also hold a significant potential for paper machines. Dryer Management System™ control software is one such system offering advanced control of dryer system set points and process parameters to reduce steam use and improve productivity (Kramer et al., 2009. p.100). 

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Advanced Dryer ControlsCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Papermaking
Energy Savings Potential

In a study performed in a US based mill a potential to reduce steam consumption by around 2 tons per hour was identified with the use of the Dryer Management System™ software tool (Kramer et al., 2009. p.101).

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Corresponding energy cost savings of 2 tph steam reduction were $360,000 annually (2006 dollars). Payback period has been estimated as 3 years based on energy savings alone. This period excludes productivity benefits. In another US based mill annual savings of $263 000 were observed due to energy savings enabled with the use of advanced control systems for paper machines (Kramer et al., 2009. p.101).

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