Advanced Fibrous Fillers

Mineral fillers are usually used to replace wood fibers in the production of paper products. However the filler loading is presently limited to roughly 15 to 20% due to paper strength and quality requirements. New fibrous fillers have been developed that can raise the filler loading limit to 50%. The paper strength and quality is also maintained for many paper products. Use of these filler help save energy by avoiding wood pulp production and reduced drying energy due to an increase in the percentage of press solids in the sheet (Kramer et al., 2009. p.110).

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Advanced Fibrous FillersCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Papermaking
Energy Savings Potential

It has been reported that use of fillers could reduce energy consumption by 25%.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Cost savings by $10 to $50/ton of paper have been estimated.

Advanced Fibrous Fillers Publications

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