Air Impingement Drying

Air impingement drying involves blowing hot air (at 300 ºC) in gas burners at high velocity against the wet paper sheet it consumes less steam but slightly higher electricity. The technique is applicable to coating drying mostly however it is also gaining acceptance for general paper drying replacing conventional steam cylinders. Given that this measure involves a tradeoff between thermal and electrical energy use, and the extent of this tradeoff may vary by installation, it is important that net energy savings be verified on a facility by facility basis.

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Air Impingement DryingCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Papermaking
Energy Savings Potential

It has been estimated that the impingement drying technique can save up to 10 to 40% steam compared to traditional gas-fired or infrared drying technologies. However electricity consumption increases by 5%.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

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