Bar-Type Chip Screens

The life time of a bar-screen is longer than disc and V-type screens due to the different design. Maintenance costs in bar screens are not high. Energy consumption is also minimal.

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Bar-Type Chip ScreensCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Virgin Material Preparation
Energy Savings Potential

US flag Energy savings in the bar-type chip screening is estimated to be 0.35 GJ/t chemical pulp due to about 2% increase in yield (Martin, et al., 2000. p.21).

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

US flag CO2 emissions saving by 3.1 kg/t is estimated.(Martin, et al., 2000. p.21)


US flag Operation and maintenance cost savings are estimated to be $0.7/t pulp due to improved yield (Martin, et al., 2000. p.21).