China Paper Association (CPA)

The China Paper Association (CPA) was formed in 1992 and is located in Beijing, China. CPA is a nationwide association of the paper industry. The association has more than 620 members, including companies, corporations, groups of companies, research institutes, colleges and universities and manufacturing organizations.

The chief task of CPA is to provide the linkage between the enterprises and the government and offer the companies various benefits. CPA provides technical consultation, promotes links with national and global trade organizations , establishes international and domestic information networks, develops international technical and economic exchanges and cooperation, organizes the participation of its members at exhibitions and seminars of new technology and new techniques at home and abroad, and provides regular technical and economic information about the development of the paper industry domestically and internationally.

CPA has 8 professional committees: Enterprises Management Committee, Energy Committee, Standardization Committee, Reed Fibber Raw Material, Paper Industry Forest Committee, Safety Production Committee, Environmental Protection Committee and Household Paper Committee (CPA, 2011).

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