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The Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-E) is recognized as Europe’s leading network for climate and energy issues. CAN-E has 129 member organizations in 25 European countries. CAN-E works to prevent anthropogenic climate change and to promote sustainable energy policy in Europe.

CAN-E is the part of CAN, the later is a worldwide network of more than 500 NGOs working together to promote government, private sector and individual action to limit anthropogenic climate change to environmentally sustainable levels. CAN-E is based in Brussels, Belgium (CAN, 2011a).

CAN has published “Horizon 2050 – Steel, Cement, Paper”, which discusses breakthrough technologies for CO2 reduction. For the pulp and paper industry, it describes the efficient use of byproducts generated during paper and pulp making as the most promising technology roadmap. Black liquor can be converted into useful syngas. This gas can be used to provide the heat required for the pulping process. Ideally, there is the potential to fully offset the CO2 emissions from the European pulp and paper industry if they are sequestrated and stored properly. Advanced drying technologies and black liquor gasification have also been discussed (CAN, 2011b).

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