Condebelt Drying

In Condebelt drying, the paper is dried in a drying chamber by contact with a continuous hot steel band which is heated either by steam or hot gas. The water from the band is evaporated due to the heat from the band. This drying technology has the potential to replace the drying section of paper machine entirely, with drying rate 5 to 15 times higher than the conventional steam drying. However, condebelt drying is not suited for high basis weight papers. Although the technology is in use in Europe and Korea, it has found limited application in the US (Kramer et al., 2009. p.104-105).

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Condebelt DryingCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Papermaking
Energy Savings Potential

Reductions in steam consumption are estimated to be 15%, or 1.6 GJ/t-paper, with a slight reduction (~20 kWh/t-paper) in electricity consumption (Martin et al., 2000. p.32).

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Capital costs are high. Investment cost of $28/ton paper has been estimated for retrofit installations, and $110/t for greenfield plants (1998 dollars) (Martin et al., 2000. p.32).

Condebelt DryingSchematic