Electrohydraulic Contaminant Removal

Adhesive materials, also called stickies, on secondary fiber feedstock can degrade the quality of recycled paper products and therefore need to be removed. Electrohydraulic contaminant removal is a new technology which uses the discharge of sparks in cleaning and screening processes to enhance the removal efficiency of stickies and to increase the efficiency of floatation de-inking. The technology is tested in several mills, resulting in improved stickies removal, floatation, and clarification efficiencies. These could lead to improved energy efficiency.

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Electrohydraulic Contaminant RemovalCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Recovered Fiber Pulping
Energy Savings Potential

Improved sticky removal, floatation and clarification may lead to direct energy consumption reductions of 10 to 15% in contaminant removal and cleaning equipment (Kramer et al., 2009. p. 111).

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Electrohydraulic Contaminant Removal Publications

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