Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) represents the Canadian wood, pulp and paper producers. Members of FPAC own 66% of the certified forests in Canada (FPAC, 2011a).

FPAC has initiated the “Future Bio-pathways” project, which comprehensively investigates the possibilities for manufacturing a wide range of bio-products from wood fibres. The first phase of the project evaluates the economic and environmental benefits of integrating new bio-technologies within the existing forest products industry (FPAC, 2011b). FPAC members have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 57% since 1990. FPAC members have also committed to pursue carbon neutrality along the supply chain by 2015 (FPAC, 2011c). FPAC has also initiated the CO2 Neutral Alliance to encourage drastic actions to address climate change across the entire forest products’ value chain (FPAC, 2011d).

The “Sustainability report” of 2009 states that FPAC members cut their reliance on fossil fuels from 30% to 15% between 1990 and 2007. Energy intensity was reduced by 5% between 2005 and 2007 due to the implementation of energy efficient equipment (FPAC, 2009).

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