Heat Recovery from Bleach Plant Effluent

Bleach plant effluents can contain a large amount of heat, which will be wasted if the effluents are discharged without heat recovery. Heat exchangers can be installed to recover some of this heat for other beneficial uses around the mill, including hot water heating (Kramer, et al., 2009. p.92)

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Heat Recovery from Bleach Plant EffluentCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Bleaching
Energy Savings Potential

US flag In one US based plant, energy savings are estimated to be 939 000 GJ/year (Kramer, et al., 2009. p.92).

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

In the same US based mill, corresponding annual cost savings are $2.4 million (2003 dollars). At the capital investment of $1.6 million, the payback period is estimated as 0.7 years (Kramer, et al., 2009. p.92).

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