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High Efficiency Fans and Fan Systems

Fan systems, that are typically used for boiler and furnace applications and facility ventilation, consume considerable amounts of electricity in a pulp and paper mill (roughly 20% in the US mills). Use of efficiency fans and fan system improvements are therefore important areas for energy efficiency improvements. Common measures that can help reduce energy consumption in fans and fan systems include the following:

  • Systemic maintenance (including belt inspection, fan cleaning, leak inspection and repair, bearing lubrication, and motor replacement);
  • Using properly sized fans;
  • Using adjustable speed drives (ASDs)
  • Using high efficiency drive systems (e.g. cog belts)
  • Repairing duct leaks (Kramer <em>et al.</em>, 2009. p.73-75)

Additional information on the topic can be found on the Fan Systems part of IETD.

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High Efficiency Fans and Fan SystemsCosts & Benefits

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Energy Savings Potential

US flag Basic improvements in fan system are estimated to have a potential to save the US pulp and paper industry about 1,100 GWh/year of electricity.

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

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