High Emissivity Coating of Radiant Section Refractory

High emissivity coating of the refractory surfaces in the radiant section of the primary reformer reduces the radiant heat reabsorbed by the combustion flame and flue gases. This increases the radiant section efficiency and reduces the reformer bridge wall temperature. Less fuel is thus required to achieve a given reformer process temperature. Expected useful life of the coating is about 4 years (FAI, 2013). 

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 Two Indian ammonia plants have implemented this measure during 2008-09. (FAI, 2013)

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High Emissivity Coating of Radiant Section RefractoryCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Steam Reforming
Energy Savings Potential
CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Indian Flag For a 1 500 tpd plant, the implementation costs are estimated to be around US $ 25 000 FAI, 2013).