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Improved Arch Seals at the Primary Reformer

The radiant section flue gases operate under a vacuum. Poorly sealed openings for catalyst tube penetration at the top of the radiant zone can cause excessive energy losses. Cold ambient air induced into the flue degrades heat and increases fuel requirement. Improved seals allow for thermal movement of the tubes without degrading the closure (A2A Toolkit). 

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Improved Arch Seals at the Primary ReformerCosts & Benefits

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Energy Savings Potential

Energy savings are estimated to be 0-0.3 GJ/t NH3 (A2A Toolkit).

Indian flag In an 38,000 tonnes/year refinery in India, heat losses from reformer tubes were reduced significantly with the use of improved seals. The surface temperature of the tube decreased from 550°C to less than 350°C and heat loss was reduced by 1.6 GJ/hr, resulting in fuel savings of 0.7 TJ/year (Insulcon, unknown date).


CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

Improved Arch Seals at the Primary Reformer Tools

Assessment to Action (A2A) Toolkit

Developed by IIP, in collaboration with energy expertsat ICF Marbek, members of the IFA and experts in China, the A2A (Assessment to Action) Toolkit is a free suite of resources on energy management and technology best practices created for ammonia companies. The A2A Toolkit provides a first-order, high-level assessment to identify and prioritize energy efficiency opportunities. It does so by drawing on various assessment modules on technical best practices, management best practices (based on ISO 50001 standard) and productivity improvements.