Improved Process Integration

Improving the integration of heat exchanger networks and the co-generation of heat and power is another important approach to improving energy efficiency. The feasibility of the specific measure will strongly depend on the specifics of the plant. 

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Improved Process IntegrationCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: General Measures for Ammonia Plants
Energy Savings Potential
CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

The cost of implementation is estimated at € 10/GJ of saved energy (Rafiqul et al., 2005 based on de Beer, 2000).

Improved Process Integration Publications

ICARUS-4 - Sector Study for the Chemical Industry

This report by Evert Nieuwlaar provides information on energy consumption in 1995 and the energy consumption potential that exists within the chemical industry in the Netherlands. The data is intended for inclusion in ICARUS - 4 database, which gives an inventory of technical options for energy savings in all sectors in Netherlands. 

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