Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA)

The Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) represents the paper sector in India. IPMA members comprise large integrated paper mills from the private and public sectors representing all varieties of paper located in every region and using traditional fibres such as food crops and bamboo as well as unconventional raw materials like recyclable waste paper, agro-residues etc. IPMA members account for approximately one-third of industrial paper and paperboard production. IPMA secretariat is located in New Delhi (IPMA, 2011a).

Together with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, India, IPMA has launched the initiative “Corporate Responsibility for Environment Protection (CREP)”. Under CREP, the IPMA member pulp and paper mills have invested over $0.71 billion to deploy cleaner technologies for pulp and paper production (IPMA, 2011b).

IPMA communicates with the government, media, opinion makers, NGOs and industry associations to present the stance of pulp and paper industry and therefore participates in the policymaking process. IPMA networks with international bodies to improve the global visibility of the Indian paper industry. It also coordinates with research institutions and creates platforms for industry-research collaboration (IPMA, 2011c).

Internationally, IPMA is affiliated with CEPI, ICFPA, the Asian Pulp and Paper Association, the Federation of ASEAN Pulp and Paper Industry and other institutions (IPMA, 2011d).

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