New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) is Japan’s largest public R&D management organization and it coordinates technology development activities in collaboration with the industrial, academic and governmental sectors. NEDO has placed particular emphasis on energy and environment field since its foundation in 1980. NEDO tries to promote technology development to further improve efficiency and reduce the cost of new energy sources.  IT has played an important role in the field of industrial technology development. NEDO is working towards the development, practical implementation and dissemination of key medium- to long-term and market-led technologies in areas such as material systems, biotechnology and machinery systems by focusing on the growing fields of “green innovation” (NEDO, 2011).

NEDO published a report on Japanese technologies for energy efficiency and GHG emissions reduction for different industries including, among others, iron and steel, cement, pulp and paper, glass, and chemicals and petrochemicals industries (NEDO, 2008).

Activities Specific to Glass Industry

NEDO supports with the NEDO Laboratory for Metallic Glass Research Collaboration and Promotion the Institute for Material Research at Tohoku University. During 2009, NEDO promoted the implementation of energy conservation technology development projects. One of this projects took place in Kawasaki, at Toyo Glass Co. ,Ltd. facilities, where energy consumption reductions of up to one third were achieved. 

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