Replacing Pneumatic Conveyors with Belt Conveyors

Pneumatic and belt conveyors are commonly used for transporting chips. Of these, belt conveyors are far more energy efficient. Therefore, replacing pneumatic conveyors with belt types can save energy. Belt conveyors can also reduce fine and chip pin losses, which can improve yield by about 1.6% (Kramer et al., 2009. p. 88).

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Replacing Pneumatic Conveyors with Belt ConveyorsCosts & Benefits

Parent Process: Virgin Material Preparation
Energy Savings Potential

In a mill with a 1000 t-pulp/d capacity, replacing the pneumatic conveyor from the chip pile to screening was estimated to reduce energy consumption by 17.2 kWh/t (17 2000 kWh/d) (NCASI, 2001. p.52)

CO2 Emission Reduction Potential

US flag In the US, emission reduction potentials are estimated to be 17.3 kg CO2/t-pulp (NCASI, 2001. p.52)


For a 1 000 t-pulp/d capacity mill, replacing pneumatic conveyor with belt conveyor is estimate to save $210 000/y in electricity costs. (NCASI, 2001. P.52) Installation and maintenance costs associated with belt conveyors can be significant. (LBNL, 2009.p.88)

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